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Overall Concept

As an introvert, if I need relief from stress, I search for comfort within my own head. I create fantasies and characters, analyze my own thoughts, write dream journals, have an imaginary friend named Teddy, and in the end there was a whole world full of interesting subjects in my head. I did not notice the underlying anxiety until much later.

Anxiety has always been a large part of my life to the point that it has become normal. Most (if not all) people face anxiety. I have spent many days, perhaps years, feeling like I was drowning in anxiety. Something as simple as ordering in a restaurant has been an effort. This is what anxiety is to me: something small that has built up over the years like a tangled knot in my chest. Anxiety was something that, even after becoming aware of its presence, was so deeply engrained into my personality that trying to banish its presence for a moment of peace would set into motion a cycle of drastic mood swings and never ending thoughts.

What I described before is a part of my experience with generalized anxiety.


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