Currently Ongoing Projects

dys·thy·mi·a (Picture Book)
Descriptions: A story that describes my experience with dysthymia. While there are many mental disabilities with sources that help people understand both the illness and the people affected better, information on dysthymia was comparatively lacking.
Materials: Printed Paperback Book
Portraits of Anxiety
Descriptions: Each and every person experience anxiety in a different way. For example: when I am overwhelmed, my thoughts go in circles like a broken record. I am sketching a portrait of each individual anxiety.
Materials: Paper, Pen, Watercolor, Ink, and Pencil
The Things We Carry (Jewelry)
Descriptions: There are emotions that we carry such as sadness, anger, guilt, happiness, and anxiety. These jewelry contain representations of these emotions like an insect in amber.
Materials: Resin, Dye Powder, Silicone Molds

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