Awtratch (Video) (2014)

Awtratch: Artwatch Research Facility Automated Test (2014) – Video on Vimeo

A sarcastic test that conditions people on how to think of art (or more likely annoy everyone). I have been studying art for a few years and I anxiously felt that I had to sound like an educated, scholarly (and snotty) individual. I became a bit annoyed. People have different tastes in art and have different ways of describing what they see. This video was born out of personal reasons (irritation and anxiety). The video may or may not have been based off of some video games. If one has figured out what games it was based on, congrats (not). The voices were made from a text to voice/sound app. To watch the video, please click on the link above. WARNING: You will be exiting the website if you click on the link.

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