Anxiety (2016)


embroidery and fused image on cotton (15″x9″)

The work Anxiety is an embroidered self-portrait. The white fabric embroidered with various yarns and embroidery floss. An image was fused onto the fabric. The top half is what is in this world. The hat and Teddy the teddy bear are the only things that are textured, signifying that those are what I believe people recognize me by. My clothes are shown in simple lines and my face and hands are implied, representing the fact that I do not feel comfortable in my own skin. There is a clock in the corner to represent time because time has been a large factor in my anxiety. This half has clean lines because the self-image that I show to many people is cold, distant, and uninterested. The bottom half has much more color, the lines are heavy, and is overall much darker. This is my inner world: the place is where my anxiety is rooted. It is also the alluring inner world, my haven.

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